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Monday, 2 May 2005
Mga angal ko...
Now Playing: Mga Angal ko sa kabalklaan sa Philippine War Movies!
I've seen Saving Private Ryan and it's a really good movie, that showed the pains and terrors a soldier must go through in WWII. I also saw Band of Brothers. both movie involved Steven Speilberg, one way or the other.

His war movies are inspiring...Pero, bakit ganoon tayo gumawa ng war movies, specifically yung Aishtemas' May mga ligawan effects at more worst, may mga homosexual materials involving Japanese Officers and Philipino male characters. In Private Ryan, the Nazis are enemies of the free worlds, nothing more. The same goes to Band of Brothers. There are no scenes, showing any American soldier falling in love with a Nazi, or Male Nazis falling inlove with scruffy American soldiers.

What's wrong with our War Movies? there are better materials that can show the valiant struggle of Filipino guerrillas or even the painful terrors of the attack on Corregidor. Bakit hindi ang mga ito ang ating ipalabas...Hindi puro kabaklaan at ka kerengkengan sa ating mga war movies?

Posted by victorinoparaiso at 12:11 PM JST
Updated: Sunday, 15 May 2005 11:13 AM JST
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