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Godaikin Battles!
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"The Godaikin Wars"
Tuesday, 8 August 2006
The Godaikin Wars
Now Playing: The Teleport Escape
“Crewzer missiles!”


Another savage explosion tore open some of the exposed parts of the Stellar ship: Explorer as the Volt Machines continue their bombardment.

“Bomber Missiles!”

Brakka – Boom!!!

“Steve!” Mark called Steve from his com-link. “Reminds me of the last time we’ve raided Zardoz’s underground castle eh?”

“Yeah, Mark!” Steve replied. “Still, better look out if Voltron’s up and running!”

“Lander drill missiles!”


The Volt Lander released another set of missiles that bored holes into the thick armors of the downed Stellar ship Explorer.

The powerful engines of the Volt Machines roar violently as they circle around the stranded Explorer.

Inside the attacked ship, Nanny’s eyes widen in great sadness and disbelief from Coran’s decisions.
“No Coran,” she replied, “That evil Voltes Team does not listen to reason!”
Coran continues to pull-off some dextrose hoses and other medical implements from his body.
“The alliance needs you, Coran.” Commander Hawkins came in second. “Let’s just hang on further, I’ll radio for the alliance to send….”

“We have no luxury of time, Commander.” Coran snapped back. “We must stop this brazen aggression before…”

“Listen to your people Coran…” came a soothing, familiar voice from behind.

“What the…”

Coran looked from behind to see the ignoble robed figure of the Imjad.

“The Voltes V team is up to destroying you and the Voltorn Force…” he starts. “They will not listen or stop at nothing to achieve that objective.”

A powerful explosion came from the ships fore section. It rattled the group, but they were able to rise up and continue with their conversations.

“Oh yeah…” Commander Hawkins intervened. “Why do those kids want us dead?”

The Imjad smiled a meaningful smile before Commander Hawkins.

“They have extreme hatred against you, Voltron, the Galaxy Alliance…yes.
They are all blinded by anger because of a series of horrific dreams they had…seeing the great Voltron killing and throwing their father like garbage!”

Coran suddenly felt shocked, his hands turned cold.

“They see Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance as cold hearted murderers. Believe me; they will never stop until you are all dead!”

“A vendetta…”Commander Hawkins utters almost inaudibly.

“Why that’s unfair!” Prince Bandor protested. “They just saw their stupid father died in a dream, why do it to us for real?”

“Because your highness,” the Imjad replies, “The Voltes Team is a five assembly of barbaric warriors…All they know is to kill. They were brought up by a mother who sends them to a camp where transgressors were shot at like criminals…Unlike the sophisticated life styles of the fair Princess Allura…”

“Then what can we do?” Coran looks at the Imjad, begging for answers.

The Imjad smiles in quaint delight

“I’ve installed a teleporting device in this ship’s engines. This device will throw us in a “place”, far enough for Voltron to be repaired, the Voltron force to relax, until we had enough strength to mount a full scale attack against the barbaric Voltes V and the Voltes Team and claim the Encyclopedia Universale”

A new hope rises above Coran. He quickly went into the ship’s main consoles and uses the main communicators.

“Hear me Voltron Force; this is Coran…” he starts to call-off Voltron’s fighting. “Return to the ship at once, disengage fighting Voltes V!”

Outside, the Voltron Lions painfully turned their backs at their opponents and returned to the Stellar Ship Explorer.

“Look Steve.” Tommy Takashi informs Steve and the Voltes team. “Those Lions are going chicken!”

“Or they might be trying something!” Steve replied back, “I don’t like the looks of this!”

Suddenly, the great Stellar Ship Explorer was covered by a glowing purple dome.

“It’s gonna explode!” Little Jon screamed, and then the Volt Machines and the laser framed Godaikin scampered in all directions.

The glowing globe engulfed the entire structure of the S.S Explorer, and then suddenly it vanished into space…

“They’ve teleported…” Big Bert snarled. “Back to Planet Arus no doubt”.

Steve looked at the lunar horizon. “I don’t think we’ve seen the last of e’m…”

Posted by victorinoparaiso at 2:20 PM JST
The Godaikin Wars
Now Playing: The Fight with Laserion
Inside the Stellar ship Explorer, Coran, Nanny, Princess Romelle De Vill, Prince Bandor, Cmdr. Hawkins and the rest of the crew stared back at the huge monitor, their mouth agape…They’ve never seen such a stunning super robot, with gleaming solidified laser light as it’s frame.
"it's incredible..." Coran told himself, 'I never saw anything like a laser framed giant robot before..."

Laserion stands before the quickly recovering Voltron Lions, he posed with such defiance, and it is clear whom side does he stand.

“Tommy Takashi!” Tommy’s radio rings up with the voice of Steve.
“Stand guard Tommy, these Voltron Lions are up to no good!”

“Read you loud and clear, Steve…” Tommy reassures the young Voltes V leader as he watches the Voltron Lions circling around Laserion.

“Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…nice Kitty…”

Suddenly, The Black Lion charges, behind it, follow the Red Lion then the Green Lion.

“Holy…!” Tommy was shocked! The Voltron Lions were so huge; the Black Lion alone is as large as Laserion!

Laserion was able to dodge the Black Lion attack by tumbling up the night sky and landing safely a distance from the Lions.

“That multi colored clown’s been dodging our attack, guys!” Lance told his team on the radio. “If I could get him I’ll rip ‘em apart!”

“Stay close Lance,” Keith cautioned Lance, “We don’t even know what that thing’s made up!”

“He’s in cahoots with Voltes V that’s for sure!” Hunk angrily replied.
“Let’s see what that walking pile of bling-bling can do!”

“Star Dusters”

Suddenly, a hot blast of dust came out of the Yellow Lion’s mouth. These aimed directly at Laserion.
With the blink on an eye, Laserion jumped upward and before landing, took out his one of his most potent weapon:

“Matrix Magnum!”

From the hands of Laserion, a huge khaki-colored high-energy laser beam bazooka suddenly materialized.
This in turn, was fired at the yellow Lion with a powerful, rock shaking blasts!


“Direct Hit!” Tommy announced in this com-link. But as the dust slowly settles, the Yellow Lion continue to rush at Laserion’s position.

“Matrix Magnum!!!”


Another barrage of high-energy lasers, this time hitting the Yellow Lion flat on its forehead!
The impact sends the Yellow Lion spinning violently into the lunar ground.

“Keth!” Lance shouted at his communicators, “Hunk’s down and out!”

Keth looked at the great figure of the sparkling Laserion.

From a distance, the Godaikin looked more like some giant hunter, brandishing his colossal gun.
And the sight of the slumped Yellow Lion reminds him of the hunter’s kill.

Suddenly, all four Voltron Lions charge feverishly at Laserion’s spot.

This time, each lion had a Laser/Ion knife at their mouths.

“Hunting season is over, punk!” Keith snarled at Laserion.

“Time to face the Voltron Force!”

Before the Lions could get to Laserion, Tommy punched in some buttons that made Laserion disappear.

The Voltron Lions land but there’s no Laserion to pound on to…

“Time to go get some target practice…”Tommy chuckles as he re-activates Laserion’s image.
“Go Laserion!”

Like a highly skilled Ninja, the Godaikin Laserion moved so swiftly, not even radars could pick him up.

“Keith…I’m scared!” Princess Allura whined to her communicators,
“What if this laser-robot tries to kill us all?”

“That won’t happen, Princess…” Keith replies more to comfort than to reassure. “Not because were with Voltron: Defenders of the U…”

A powerful blast rocked the four Voltron Lions with a hurricane force!


“Matrix Saber!!!”

Suddenly from Laserion’s chrome hands, a high energy Laser Sword materialize and the Godaikin let this swings through the assembly of the waiting Voltron Lions, sending sparks of molten metal flying through the vacuum.

Everything seemed in disarray, the Voltorn Lions started to fire their weapons in all direction. Hitting each other than their intended target.


The haze of battle slowly settles and there, the Voltron Lions are all slumping down life-less, their armors are covered with burn marks, scratches and other battle damages.

“Princess, Keith,” Coran tried to call the Voltron Force but to no avail.
“Quick, activate the on board Vector!”

Suddenly, the Voltron communicators lights up, and Keith starts to reply.
“C-Coran…We can manage …ugh!”

“Keith!” Coran aimed the Vector at the Voltron Lions. “Well get you back…”

Suddenly, a barrage of missiles and projectiles blasts through the
battered hulk of the Stellar Ship Explorer as the Volt Machines starts their attack!

“Coran,” Nanny tearfully asked the Voltron administrator. “What can we do? The Princess maybe hurt...Voltron is down and the enemy forces are upon us!”

“All of our stellar engines are out; we can’t go into hyperspace and escape our detractors…” Cmdr. Hawkins announced pensively,“We have no choice but to fight to the end…”

Coran took a deep breath and looked at Nanny and Cmdr. Hawkins.
“Un strap me from this bed…” Coran insisted, “I will face Voltes V!”

Posted by victorinoparaiso at 2:19 PM JST
The Godaikin Wars
Now Playing: Machines against Lions
The mighty Volt Machines and the Laser Framed Command Ship, circles around their position as the raging Voltron Lions prepares to fight!
Keith, the Voltron leader cautioned the Voltron Force since they had some unpleasant experiences against Voltes V and the Voltes V team.
“Keep your eyes pealed team,” Keith warns his team mates. “We’ve dealt with these kids before, so let’s stay sharp!”
“I’m not letting them get away with what they’ve done to Voltron…” Lance exclaimed. “This time, they’ll all gonna pay!”
“Proton Missiles!”
Suddenly, a group of strange missiles fired from a three-tube device which magically appears at the front leg joint of the Red Lion. These missiles almost hit the body of the ever vigilant Volt Bomber.
“Hah! Missed your chance, you dope!” Mark remarked before he released his own set of weapons.
“Volt Bomber Rings!”
Like maddened armored claws, the Volt Bomber rings collided with the last remaining Red Lion missiles, sending the great Voltron Red Lion tumbling down the hard lunar dirt.
“Rocket Grenades!”
Pidge shouts high atop his lungs as he activates the spiked-ball like mini explosives, discharged from various parts of the Green Lion.
The result is utter destruction as some of the balls come closer the Volt Lander’s location.
In the nick of time, Jamie was able to veer-off from their path before they blew-off parts of a nearby canyon.
“I’ll show you what we can really do…Volt Lander Earth Blaster!”
A magnificent beam of savage energy bursts from the Volt Lander’s launch device, blowing away Pidge and his Voltron Green Lion. The impact was so intense; it sends the Voltron Lion machine smashing at a nearby lunar hill.
“Pidge!...Little buddy!” Hunk exclaimed as he look out of the Voltron Yellow Lion’s cockpit and seeing what happened to Pidge and the Green Lion.
“Hrrr!…Rotor Missiles!”
In a fit of anger, Hunk activates the Voltron Yellow Lion's rotating launcher that dispatches three small missiles at the front leg joints.
“Crewzer Cannons!”
The Volt Crewzer countered immediately with a barrage of machinegun fire in rapid successions, just before the Voltron Yellow Lion’s missiles hit the evading Volt Lander.
“Thanks, Steve!” Jamie thanked the Voltes V team leader with a wink.
“Any time, Jamie!” Steve replied with a thumb’s up!
The Voltron Yellow lion is about to launch another set of weapons when suddenly, Hunk was rattled by rocks and tremors that sends him rolling on all sides in his cockpit.
Outside, the magnificent Volt Panzer had grabbed the Yellow Lion’s tail with its red shovels like some metallic blue giant crab. Then, the Volt Panzer slammed the Yellow Lion at a nearby cliff. The impact was so strong that Hunk felt like he was put inside a blender.
“That’s for the pilots of the shadow fighters!” Big Bert yelled at Hunk over the comlink.
“Savages!” Princess Allura exclaimed as she maneuvers her Blue Lion towards the Volt Frigate.
“Water Blast!”
Suddenly, a mighty column of water jets out from the Blue Lion's mouth.
The powerful Volt Frigate defies this by flying spear-like through the water column then smashing head on against the Blue Lion!
“Is that all you can do?” Little Jon taunts, “Spit liquid?!?”
From his monitors, Keith could hear the terrified shriek of Princess Allura.
“Princess,” Keith called her with concern, “Princess, are you alright?!”
There was no answer, and Keith could see the Blue Lion smashing hard against the dusty lunar ground.
“Grrr…Damn you punks.” Keith snarled at the vision of his enemies. “If anything happens to the Princess I’ll…”
“Spinning Laser Blades!”
A spiked wheel of blades suddenly appears at the front leg joints of the Black Lion and propelled toward the Volt Machines.
Immediately, the Volt Machines executes evasive action, letting the Laser blades touch nothing. Then, they regroup once again.
“Steve, “ Jamie hollered in shock, “Behind you!”
Steve turns around only to see both the Green and Red Lions upon his ship: Powerful claws tried to rip and plow thought the Volt Crewzer’s diamond-reinforced armors.
Steve frantically pushed the controls to the limits but to no avail, the Voltron Lions are so tenacious, they even tried to pull the Volt machine down the ground.
“Steve!” Big Bert screamed at his monitor at the sight.
“Big brother!!!” Little Jon cried.
Steve suddenly activates his ship in full throttle, sending the fiery red Volt Crewzer in a frenzied extreme orbital velocity, but the Red and Green lions continues to hang on.
“Voltes V…” an announcement rang from Lance, pilot of the Red Lion. “Surrender to Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance!”
“Yeah…” Pidge supplied. “Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
“Oh yeah…” Steve replied with a tone of sarcasm, “Then, try defending this!”
The fiery red Volt Crewzer flew with incredible speed, in a maximum orbital velocity. But still, the two Voltron Lions continues to hang on. Then without warning, the Volt Crewzer turned to its back and touches the surface of a nearby lunar cliff, scraping the two Voltron Lions then fires up into space and returns back triumphantly!
“Way to go, Steevie!” Mark commented in his cockpit.
“Ha ha ha,” Big Bert joins in, “That’s it Steve!”
The two Voltron Lions lay there filled with dust and lunar debris…but not out!
Red and Green lions stood to see their victorious enemy doing some fancy flight acrobatics.
They were about to charge when suddenly.
A dramatic red laser beam hits the Green Lion at its front paw.
“What the heck?!”
And before the eyes of the Voltron Force, a new enemy suddenly emerges.
“Laserion Teleport!”
Every body from that sector heard the word that sends the mystifying
Laser Command Ship, to change its shape and stand erect as the incredible Laser-framed Godaikin Laserion.

Posted by victorinoparaiso at 2:18 PM JST
The Godaikin Wars
Now Playing: The Defenders of Voltron!

Various starships from Planet Pollux surrounds the moon, goods and services were served to the still ailing Stellar Ship Explorer. The Voltron Force is busier as ever assisting the volunteers from Princess Romelle’s world.
Suddenly, A powerful barrage of missile fire rattled the body of the great flagship, sending a storm of sharp debris at both droids and human crew.
Then the alarm went off and thousands of crewmembers went scampering for safety.
“We’ve being attacked by Voltes V!”
Keith and the Voltron Force looks at the bridge’s monitor and there, the much hated Volt Machines are zeroing in at their position.
“Don’t those kids ever give up?” Lance expressed his loathes.
Prince Bandor and Pidge showed the same feelings: “Curse that Voltes V…” The child prince of Pollux exclaimed. “Voltron will destroy it!”
“Your’e sure right as rain,” Pidge replied and was about to approach the lanch bay where the Green Lion is parked.
“No Pidge!” Coran tried to restrain him from doing so. “Voltron is still not ready!”
“But Coran…” Keith protested. “Those Voltes team will stop at nothing until the ship’s nothing but a pile of scrap!”
Hunk joined in “We can’t let this happen to us here, we’re the Voltron Force…”
“Romelle…” Princess Allura lobbied her, “This way into the ship’s lowest level…you’ll be safe there.
Princess Romelle obeyed Princess Allura. It’s no point to die without seeing Pollux or Arus’ victory.
Coran looks at the Voltron Force and never really having any choice, he nodded at them in affirmation. “Arus and Pollux needs you Voltron Force…Go and repel Voltes V!”
The Voltron Force cheered in unison: GO VOLTRON FORCE!
Outside, the Volt Machines are doing pretty well dodging the laser bullets coming from the huge Pollux starships.
“Claw boomerang!”
From the nose of the fiery red Volt Crewzer, a gleaming yellow bladed boomerang springs out cutting thought the armors of the enemy starships, sending debris of blasted machineries and crew into space, before the whole vessel novas into oblivion.
“Great work Steve!” Mark commented positively. “Now watch what the Volt Bomber can do…”
“Bomber Rings!”
A volley of lethal ring like projectiles passed through the armors of an intervening Pollux Starship. The Bomber Rings entered its main bridge and blew up sending thousands of mechanical and human sinew flying in fiery fury. The ill-fated starship incinerated just in time for the Volt Bomber to veer off.
“YEEEHHHAAA!” Mark screamed in victory like a cowboy in a rodeo. “That’s for the soldiers of the Earth International Defense!”
On the other hand, Jamie is having her hands full: Two mega sized Pollux starship tries to pin the Volt Lander using their enormous bulk.
“Lander Drills!”
The Volt Lander spewed two nasty looking drill missiles that entered each ship’s hull. Jamie then maneuvered her machine downwards and the two blowing ships missed it by the fraction. Clumsily, the two Pollux starships slammed at each other and ended into a gargantuan mass of blazing, decomposing debris.
“Freezer Rays!”
The great Volt Frigate piloted by Little Jon brazenly entered the giant Pollux starship’s launch bay. Here the Volt Machine made a seemingly suicidal maneuver and launched all it’s weapons at the majestic starship’s interiors.
From afar, the great ship flounders and slammed at a nearby starship that ended into a fireball of dead Pollux people. From its smothering ashes, the Volt Frigate zooms out virtually unharmed!
“Panzer Missiles!”
Powerful nuclear missiles released from the massive Volt Panzer hits an attacking Pollux starship, blowing up its entire bridge. Without mercy, its crew was conscious enough to realize that they were splattered out into space, never to return home.
One of the larger Pollux starship readies itself and it’s crew to defend the Stellar Ship Explorer. The main guns aimed at the evasive Volt Machines.
Suddenly, it’s interiors dimmed…and every personnel inside suffered painful migraine…so painful they thought their brains are popping out!
“Ohhh…The pain…THE PAIN!!!”
The Pollux starship’s exteriors turned into mesh-like graphics, and gradually disappeared from sight. What was left standing is the magnificent image of the mysterious Laser-framed Godaikin Laserion. Laserion had just consumed the entire starship!
‘Excuse Laserion for being a party crasher here!” Tommy Takashi apologies at the Voltes Team with a whim of humor. “I just love crashing at parties…”
“Well,” Steve replied. “If this is all a party, what can you call that?”
Tommy looks at his monitors and saw the raging five Voltron Lions, rocketing at their position.
“Uh… The master of ceremonies?"


Posted by victorinoparaiso at 2:17 PM JST
The Godaikin Wars
Now Playing: Joining Voltes V
Steve watched the different starships depart from the grounds of Camp Big Falcon. His mind is filled with the visions he had last night…the validity of Voltes V’s stand as an Earth Defender. “That’s absurd, “ he justifies to himself. “Voltes V is and always be the final defender of the human race!”
He continues to look at the very last machine that hovers and proceeded towards the farthest sky.
“Me…my father and my brothers’ having Boazanian blood is not an issue here…”
He clenched his fist and strikes the ground with a lethal karate punch.
Its painful and it numbed his knuckles, but his concerns are far more central than the pain it caused.
“Voltron,” He muttered angrily. “ If you touch my father even an inch, I swear…I’ll tear you to pieces so bad, your Voltron Force would wish they’ve never been born!”
“Steve!” Jamie called him.
Steve looked around; the image of lovely Jamie made him smile. She was young, beautiful and it’s a pleasing diversion to whatever that’s bothering him.
“Steve we’ve got to get ready,” Jamie continues. “The team will be joining Tommy Takashi of Laserion. We will hunt down the giant flagship that’s harboring Voltron…”
Steve smiled faintly as he tried to stand up. “O.K. Jamie, I’ll be joining you.”
Jamie noticed the dirt on Steve’s knuckles. She kept quiet, pretended that she never noticed it.
A moment later, the Voltes Team is in their respected Voltmachines.
“O.K. Team…” Steve warmed up his Volt Crewzer engines. We will head towards the moon and search for Voltron and his flagship!”
“But Steve,” Little Jon protested. “Don’t we have to wait for Tommy Takashi and Laserion?”
Steve replied: “He can join us by following our trail to the…”
Steve was not through with his statement, when suddenly from nowhere, the laser-framed mass of the enigmatic Laserion shimmers before Camp Big Falcon. Like a ghost, Laserion’s body slowly solidifies in an impetus, attitude-ridden stance.
“Hey, I’m supposed to join in the party!” Tommy Takashi yelled out at the Voltes Team.
Steve felt irritated by the display of cockiness from this teen-aged Japanese. Still, he reminded himself that Tommy and his Godaikin are allies and they should treat him accordingly.
“Oh great!” little John showed most of the enthusiasm. “The laser-framed Godaikin!”
“With Laserion and Voltes V as a team, “ Big Bert commented, “I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Voltron.”
“Then this settles the score…” Mark concluded, “ We got all the aces on our sleeves!”
“Hush team…” Steve quiets his team. “We must not under estimate the enemy…aside from Voltron, there is this immense Galaxy Alliance we have to deal with!”
There was a momentary silence…
Then Tommy replied sheepishly.
“You’re right Steve…C’mon, let’s get this over with.”
Steve turns his monitors to Dr. Hook…
“Dr. Hook…were ready…”
“Roger, Steve…” Dr. Hook replied.
The huge cabinet-like façade of Camp Big Falcon opens up like two folded white wings. Immediately, the skies rumbled and thundered as powerful emissions of electro magnetic energy was unleashed. The five mighty Voltmachines blast through the skies and into the darkness. Followed by the strange laser-framed Godaikin that shuffles its body and turned into a laser-framed flying command ship. Then the flying object followed the five Volt machines to the vastness of space.

Posted by victorinoparaiso at 2:16 PM JST
The Godaikin Wars
Now Playing: The Giant Robots of Pollux
The twelve war factories erected by Paul the Imjad in the suburbs of Planet Pollux are more than just efficient, these provided Pollux and Planet Arus some firepower greater than the Drules and Planet Doom combined. Looking like mechanized temples from the far distant past of ancient Mayan lore, each war factory produce about fifty giant robots in uniformed structure every day.
Dubbed as the “Gallant Extra-galactic Knights of the Alliance or the “Gekas”, these galactic robots may not be as powerful as a Godaikin, but they sure make up for their immense numbers. The giant machines are dull colored, with not enough color to be noticed…like they were made under necessity alone. Bare steel bodies glisten hazily like earth colored zombies fashioned to be like knights in dimmed visors. But still, they were look upon by the people of Pollux, with the reverence they do for Voltron and the Voltron Force.
Saint Aria of the Dagger, one of the Imjad’s most trusted cohorts inspects each war factory with the resilient loyalty of a computer scanner. Besides her, are some of the young males of the planet, eager to pilot each Gekas in great honor.
“Please ma’am, let me have the honor to become a Geka pilot.” One of them begs beside her.
‘’Please your honor,” another one beseech at her feet. “Let me be a Geka pilot.”
“Only the most buoyant, most dedicated man has the honor to be a Geka pilot!” snapped the saint. “I shall pick the one most worthy!”
Suddenly, a vision entered Aria’s mind…a powerful, laser framed Godaikin had joined the ranks of Voltes V and the rest who are against Voltron, Planet Arus and the Galaxy Alliance.
The vision gradually grows, until an entire army of unstoppable Godaikins filled the vastness of space, each having qualities truly uncanny. Then she saw them, smashing, crushing, stomping every Arus castle and village that stands in their way. Ruining both Arus and Pollux like gargantuan barbarians, armed with the most lethal, most savage oriental-patterned weapon, truly alien to the galaxy!
“Aria…Aria…” a cold voice came with the wind…a voice coming from the Imjad. “The Godaikins leads by Voltes V are powerful indeed. You must hasten the deployment of the Gekas before their tide reach the noble house of Arus…we must give Voltron and the Voltron Force a chance to update their weapons; to cope against these disastrous foes!
The Child-like Aria closed her eyes and when she opened them, she looks at the horizon yonder.
“I hear and obey…Great Imjad…”
She then look back at the multitude of aspiring pilots who are still eager to navigate the Gekas and fought against those who oppose Voltron , the Voltron Force and the Galaxy Alliance.
“Yes…” Aria smiled at them like the devil, “You’re most qualified…come let me know your name…”

Posted by victorinoparaiso at 2:15 PM JST
The Godaikin Wars
Now Playing: The vavilos must pay!
The Stellar Ship Enquirer temporarily carries one of the Galaxy Alliance’s mighty giant space robot, known as Voltron Vehicle and it’s stalwart team called the Voltron Force. Unlike the Lion Voltron, the Voltron Vehicle is composed mostly of 15 space machines that can group themselves into three combined machines, five a piece. These machines were designated as explorers for Land, Sea and Air.
The Air Team is under the command of someone called “Jeff” who also leads the entire 15 members of the Voltron Vehicle Force.
The Sea Team is under the command of an alien named Cric, a life form with an Indian-like accent.
Then the Land Team is under the command of someone called “Cliff”.
Literally, it’s a fleet of space machines that can merge together as “Stratofighter”, “Aquafighter” and “Turboterrain Fighter” then transform into a larger, gladiator-robot called also as Voltron.
Captain Newley is in command of the SS Enquirer: A proud officer and comrade in arms of Commander Hawkins. They are about to join in Voltron Lion Force and the S.S. Explorer in their quest for the Imjad’s missing microfilm when they heard the news about the Voltron Lion’s defeat in the hands of an alien robot called Voltes V, the critical situation of the S.S. Explorer, the destruction of an entire reinforcement fleet from the Galaxy Alliance and the intervention from Planet Pollux.
The bridge of the S.S. Enquirer is large enough to be a meeting room for Captain Newley and the Vehicle Voltron Force. Here, they discuss about what is there to do with those responsible for the death of Commander Zachary Garth and his fleet.
“Sources tells us about another Godaikin who worked for this Voltes V, a powerful machine known as Vavilos…” Captain Newley begins as the large monitor behind him reveals some technical and photographic images of the Vavilos and its transformation phases.
“Look at that!” Chip the youngest member of the team expressed audibly as the 3D images turns from Vavilos Starship, to Vavilos Robot to Space gun. “It can change itself from ship, robot to cannon!”
The rest of the team gasped as the image fires a powerful sea of Blue Plasma Energy that engulfed entire flagships as large as forty football stadiums.
“The energy this “thing” uses is totally alien, not even the Drules could have imagined using.” Captain Newley continued. “I suggest we have to apprehend this ship with complete caution.”
Jeff stood up, in his face, etched the longing to find justice for Commander Garth and his ill-fated crew. “Captain…I want to know who’s responsible for the death of those with Commander Zachary Garth!”
Captain Newley turns around and faces the huge monitor, now displaying the blue, armored structure of the Space Police “Shaider”.
“Team…this is the armored Space Police known as “Shaider.”
“Why…we can’t even see his face with all that armor around him!” Moddock of Land Team hollers angrily at the back.
“That guy must pay for his crimes against the alliance!” Marvin of Land team expresses.
“Justice must be served…”Cliff, the leader of the Land Team replies. He stood up and continues voicing his opinion.” The Galaxy Alliance must remove this shame by arresting this murderer!”
“We’re with you Captain Newley…” Jeff reassures their officer.
Ginger, a female member of his team looks at him; her eyes were filled with deep concern.
“The Whole Aqua Team awaits your orders…” Cric in his funny accent informs Captain Newley.
“…And the whole Land Team demands justice!” the English-sounding Cliff, informs their captain.
“Well then,” Captain Newley readies the team for a mission: search and apprehend the Vavilos! “ Assemble fort, Voltron Force!”
The great team of fifteen space explorers shouted in unison “Let’s go Voltron Force!”

Posted by victorinoparaiso at 2:14 PM JST
The Godaikin Wars
Now Playing: The Mysterious, Laser framed Godaikin.
It was a morning like no other for Tommy Takashi, young pilot of the magnificent laser framed Godaikin known as Laserion, fighting side by side with Voltes V and having his share of kicking Voltron’s butt is a great honor.
He followed the battle between Voltes V and Voltron in the e-news. Now; he decides to join in the fun. “But Voltron’s a lot bigger than Laserion…” he told himself as he studies Voltron’s physical status in the computer. “ Well…Laserion can compensate using his laser-framed body…” he thought.
Suddenly, a faint alarm rings telling Tommy someone’s at his com-link. Tommy flipped several switches and the monitor revealed Dr. Xyrrus: Tommy’s coordinator and builder of the enigmatic Laserion.
“Tommy, “ Dr. Xyrrus announced. “Gen. Parker and I just had a dialogue with Cmdr. Robinson about hunting down the alien starship that carried Voltron…”
Tommy felt skeptical. “ But Dr. Xyrrus, Voltes V can venture out in space, what do they need us for?”
“Listen Tommy,” Dr, Xyrrus replies “The entire Earth Defense Core is into this. And our own Space Defense Force is included…so haul your butt up and head to the camp!”
Tommy made a smirk, “Oh Dr. Xyrrus, Laserion is my Godaikin remember…so don’t be too demanding!”
“Oh yeah,” Dr. Xyrrus cuts him. “Laserion is a mistake we’ve made in our matrix experiment, remember…”
Tommy just shook his head in disapproval and heads down to the Space Defense Force base.
Compared to Camp. Big Falcon, the Space Defense Force Base looks more like “The Pentagon” than a large military laboratory. Fighters and battle crafts of every kind arrive and depart from this fortress.
Ridding his scooter, Tommy proceeded in the main headquarters and into General Parker’s office.
“Tommy,” the thin Dr. Xyrrus addressed him. “Put on your uniform and ride Laserion. You have an appointment with the Voltes Team and Camp Big Falcon.”
“No sweat Dr. Xyrrus!” Tommy made a haphazardly salute and jump onto his costume.
The vast teleportation chamber awaits him; Tommy rides a chrome, compact starship, equipped with teleporting enhancers. Tommy activates the ships key consoles and voice command.
And within seconds, the compact ship levitates up to 40 meters and from beneath it; bars of red, nickel, and green laser materialize and form a large box-like body. The laser light form “solidified” and there, the magnificent laser framed Godaikin Laserion stands. The cybernaught is a far cry from Voltes V, Vavilos or Voltron’s solid armor structure: Parts of it gleams in mysterious lasers of red and greens, silver and luminous black. The solidified light method is a fantastic feat no robot of any kind could possibly be. And from the looks of it, Laserion’s lack of colossal height is no hindrance to what deadly things it can do. The mini ship where Tommy Takashi sits, serves as his cockpit and Laserion’s head.
“O.K. Tommy…” Dr. Xyrruss said in the monitor. “Proceed to Camp Big Falcon…”
“I’m on my way…”Tommy declared. “Laserion Go!”
The great multi-colored behemoth moves so swiftly, leaving a faint trail of its majestic, laser-framed image…

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The Help from Planet Pollux
Now Playing: The Godaikin Wars

The Stellar Ship Explorer undergoes tremendous repair from numerous refurbishing droid units utilized by Commander Hawkins. And just like his ship, countless crews receive medical attention.

Keith, Hunk and Lance lends a hand to the repairs using the Voltron Lions while Pidge and Princess Allura watch the recuperating Coran helplessly amidst the busy surroundings.

“I’m sorry but I just received grave news…” Commander Hawkins told the Princess as he approached Coran’s bedside.
“ The great Galaxy Alliance Starfleet commanded by Zachary Garth, was destroyed by a single robot starship called Vavilos…”

Both Pidge and Princess Allura’s eyes widen in horror and disbelief. They know without the alliance’s reinforcements, they were just sitting ducks in this small moon. Coran just closed his eyes after the news.
“B-But that can’t be…” Pidge started to panic, “Nothing in this galaxy could single handedly blast those space ships!”

“Nothing but another Godaikin…” Coran supplied Pidge as he tries to rise up from the bed. “…And that Godaikin no doubt, an ally of Voltes V…”
“Please Coran, you still need rest…” The Princess told her diplomat.

“I had all the rest I need, your highness.” Coran replied. “ The ship and the rest of the team needs someone to boost their moral…”

“That Voltes V is getting in my nerves!” Pidge raised his fist as he looked out of the window and into space.

“If Voltron’s really repaired, I’m gonna show them we mean business… Voltron will make e’m pay!”

“Princess Allura just closed her eyes…The defeat of Voltron is a disgrace to the honor of her father King Alfor…and the honor of Arus as well.

Suddenly, a technician approached commander Hawkins and had given him a respectable salute, and bowed before the princess. He was a bearer of good news.

“Sir, your majesty, several starships are closing in at our position…they bear the insignia of the royalty from Planet Pollux.”

Princess Allura’s heart pumped in great joy. Planet Pollux is a sister planet of Arus, and this means more ordinances, materials and assistance for Voltron.

“Pollux…Princess Romelle…” the princess utters in relief.

Within minutes, thousands of starships surrounded the moon, a vast squadron of shuttles and transport ships carrying goods and services, zooms down to the Stellar Ship Explorer.

Inside the Black Lion, Keith could not believe his eyes.
“Hunk…Lance…look at that!”

“Reinforcements from Planet Pollux!” Lance replied

“That’s the most prettiest sight I’ve ever seen!” Hunk also replied.

The three Lions proceeded back to the hangar bay to meet Princess Romelle and Prince Bandor.

“Oh Allura, I’m glad you’re all right!” Princess Romelle said as she hugs her cousin tightly.

“Thank you Romelle,” Princess Allura replied with tears in her eyes. “Our worlds shall endure this dire crisis!”

Prince Bandor looks at Coran and considers his conditions.
“Don’t trouble yourselves in telling us about the enemy.”

 He said with confidence. “Saint Paul the Imjad had erected twelve robot factories to support our plight against this Voltes V menace.”

Lance’s face suddenly turns sour. “Robot factories…why Voltron can clobber that giant bully so easily…”

“Lance!” Keith warned Lance, reminding him he still talking to a monarch…and Princess Allura’s cousin at that.

“Let the people of Pollux extend their assistance to our cause. This day will be noted that Pollux and Arus’ people are truly one with Voltron: Defender of the Universe…”

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Threat from the "Galaxy Alliance."
Now Playing: The Godaikin Wars
Thousands of escort starships and other transports lined outside Camp Big Falcon. All from other Earth Defense Organizations that helped defend and protect planet Earth from diabolical alien invaders from the past. Each had, in their possession, powerful Godaikin cybernauts piloted by impulsive and impetus young agents.
The main headquarters of Camp Big Falcon was converted into a vast reception hold, where a raised dais was temporarily constructed at its center. There, Dr. Hook and Commander Robinson positioned themselves and starts their role call:

“Dear gentlemen of the Earth Defense core, “ he said as he looked around. “Men of science and valor, we are now in a more greater crisis…Perhaps, more graver than any thing that we’ve pit ourselves against…”

There was a moment of silence…all seemed eager to know what they’re up against.

“This morning,” Commander Robinson supplied. “Camp Big Falcon received a visitor from the Inter Galactic Police. “Shaider” and he handed us a technical data he got from one of his encounters with Le-Ar…”

The heavy-bodied earth defense officer waved his hand over a seemingly empty wall and out comes a huge monitor showing off Voltron Lions and the Galaxy Alliance. The people in the defense core gasped at the sight.

“Seemingly the new enemy had their own powerful Godaikin they call Voltron…” Dr. Hook continued, “It was strong and powerful…but it can be defeated. What concerns us most, is the immense galactic fraternity that backs it up…this “Galaxy Alliance…”
“The so-called Galaxy Alliance…” Commander Robinson continues, “ Protects the worlds and planets of a parallel universe. But now they aim to support this Voltron conqueror and invades Earth!”

“…And that means,” Dr. Hook supplies, “ An entire galaxy of aliens is now against us!”

There was momentary silence, then Professor Jourgan of the Space Dynamo made a comment: “Surely, we can reason with this Galaxy Alliance…”

“I hope so professor…” Commander Robinson replied, “But still we need Daimos standing by.”

“I agree with you,” Dr. Xyrus of the Space Defense Force, “Our super Godaikin Laserion will help Voltes V blast these evil aliens out in space!”

Professor Totsuya of the Nambara Connection extends his smelly sake dried hands to Dr. Hook. “Combattra and the team will always be there to support Voltes V.”
"Thank you Professor Totsuya," Dr. Hook nods in reply. "It will be for the benefit of humankind."

Outside the hall, the Voltes team waits pensively unsure of the outcome of the great conference of elderly Earth Defense officers.

“Steve, I’m afraid…” Little Jon pokes at his brother. “An entire galactic group is our enemy and not just a single planet…”
Steve looks at Little Jon…
“Don’t cry Little Jon, Voltes V and the other super robots will save planet Earth from this Galaxy Alliance!”
Mark slowly walked away from the group heavy with thoughts…
“Can the earth survive a sudden onslaught from this “Galaxy Alliance?”

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